Ratiashop – our webshop's warehouse in Billnäs, Raasepori


Our webshop's warehouse has moved to new premises

Welcome to our webshop's warehouse, which is situated in the scenic Billnäs in Raasepori, close to the old Billnäs ruukki. In our store we sell the webshop's products and introduce products of factory delivery. Our selection in the store is identical to the one that can be found in the webshop; all the clothing- and textile products, wellington boots, jewellery, watches and glassproducts are the same. Our products of factory delivery are carpets, interior fireplaces, kalikka-tiles, faucets and Saaristo-series' products, such as the Saaristo-couch. These products can occasionally be found in our store and you can contact us to inquire whether we have the product or products in the store in case you would like to buy them directly from there.

The retail space has doubled during spring 2015 and so has the selection of our products. We are still located at the same address. In the honour of the new store we lengthened the opening hours on Saturdays, 10-16 (June-August).

It is also possible to buy products via our webshop and then pick up the purchase from our warehouse.
In our webshop's delivery options we have added the option to pick up the purchase from the store, in which case cargo costs fall out. In this way you can take advantage of the different payment options of our webshop.


Address and telephone number:

Ruukintie 9, 10330 Billnäs
Phone +35844 278 6119

Our opening hours in 2020

January- April
On weekdays 10-16.30

May- August
On weekdays 10-16.30
Sat. 10-16

September- December
On weekdays 10-16.30
Sat. 10-14.00


Examples of rest of supply of the local area:


Billnäs is located in Raasepori, which is approximately 80 km from Helsinki and 120 km from Turku.

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Welcome to visit our webshop's selection also in our store!