Terms of delivery

Www.ratiashop.com is an online retail store selling fashion and design products designed by Ratia Brand Co Oy. Our products are of high quality and manufactured by our partners, and are generally marketed under the Ratia Brand. You can find more information about our suppliers at www.ratia.com.
Our online store also sells exclusive products, which cannot be purchased anywhere else.
We cannot guarantee continuous availability of our products, as our model range varies from time to time. When you purchase at our online retail store we require that you are an at least 18 years old legal person. When purchasing with invoice you must be at least 20 years old.

We deliver orders to the EU coutries, Norway and Switzerland.

Delivery time
The products you order will be delivered no later than approximately one 2-7 workdays from the order date to the post office you have specified or directly to your home. Mostly we deliver the products within a 3 workdays. If the delivery time materially exceeds this period, Ratiashop will make every effort to inform the customer by e-mail without delay. The customer has the right to cancel by e-mail an order for a product that is materially late. Ratiashop retains the right to cancel an order if the ordered product has been sold out or if there are insurmountable difficulties in obtaining the product.
Delivery methods and expenses
Ratiashop delivers the products it sells to addresses in Finland via Itella (Finland’s Post). If your order is sent in a package, you may choose to have it delivered directly to your home or to your local post office. If the order is by size possible to send through normal mail the products are delivered in an envelope directly to the customer’s letterbox. In this case the postal fee is in Finland EUR 6,50.
We kindly ask you to choose one of the following as a form of delivery:

Itella economy – delivery to the post office / EUR 6.50
The order is picked up from the recipient’s nearest post office. You will receive an advance notification of the arrival of the order via SMS sent to your mobile phone if you have provided your phone number on the “Customer information” page. The notification will tell you when and where your order will arrive.

Itella express flex – home delivery / EUR 6.50 + 3.50, total EUR 10.00.
Home delivery by Finland’s Post is a convenient way to receive your package. The Post will deliver products to your home on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., confirming the exact time of the home delivery by telephone. In this case, you must provide in the order details a daytime telephone number on which you can be contacted. If the recipient cannot be reached by phone, a request for a call will be posted to the recipient so that the delivery time can be agreed.

GLS Parcel Shipment EUR 20,00
GLS Parcel Shipment is a fast and inexpensive, scheduled transpoint service to EU -countries.

Payment methods
The payment method for products and their shipping expenses must be determined when making an order.

Internet banking
Customers of the following banks can conveniently pay for their purchases through their internet banking service:
- Suomen Verkkomaksut (Finnish Web Payments): Sampo, Osuuspankki, Tapiola, Aktia, Nooa, Paikallisosuuspankit, 
  Säästöpankit, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, PayPal and credit cards.
- Nordea

Payments through Luottokunta
If you wish to pay through Luottokunta, RS Store Finland will act only as the marketer of the products and services and deliver the products to the buyer. RS Store Finland will thus be responsible only for marketing and delivery of the product and handling any claims related to it. If necessary, you can also send your claim to Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy.
Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy acts as the seller of the product when payment is made through Luottokunta, and the transaction is agreed between the customer and Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy. The seller shall be responsible for all obligations pertaining to the transaction. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy is also the recipient of the payment.
Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy, business ID: 2122839-7
Ylistönmäentie 26
FI-40500 Jyväskylä, Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)207 181830

Klarna Invoice

To pay by invoice, simply choose to pay by invoice through Klarna and enter your personal identity number. You can use Klarna invoice only if you have finnish pesonal identity number. A minor check will be run to confirm your personal information and accept your purchase, this takes roughly one second. To use Klarna Invoice will cost to the customer 3,90 eur. When your purchase has been accepted, the products will sent to you.
Once your purchase has been accepted the store can send the goods. The invoice will either be sent with the product or separately by post.
You will have 14 days to pay the invoice. Make sure you always check the payment due date on the invoice.
To pay off your invoice by installments simply pay a smaller amount. The smallest payment allowed in specified on your invoice.

Klarna account
To pay by installment and gather several purchases to a single invoice, simply choose to pay by installments through Klarna. A minor check will be run to confirm your personal information and accept your purchase, this takes roughly one second. You can use Klarna account only if you have finnish pesonal identity number

Within a few days you'll receive your ordered goods along with an account agreement to be signed. Sign the agreement and send one of the copies back to us.
Your first account invoice will then be sent to you. This should be paid by the end of the following month. (E.g. if you buy something in January, you pay at the end of February) After this you'll receive one invoice per month which should be paid at the end of each month.
If you've used Klarna account in several different stores these will all be collected to a single invoice.
Want to pay off all you debt in one go? That's fine, just pay off your debt and your account will be closed automatically.
To lower your monthly cost simply pay a smaller amount. The smallest possible payment is listed on the invoice. If you have any questions please take the contackt to Klarnas customer service http://klarna.com/en/customers-service

Right to return products
As a customer, you have the right to return or exchange products within 14 days depending the orders made in Finland, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. A returned product and the product packaging must be in the same condition as when received, the returned item must be unused. The returned product must be in the original packaging without any unnecessary marks and originally packed. Faulty products or products that have been broken or damaged during delivery can be returned by mail to our warehouse for inspection.
The package containing the returned product should include the dispatch note which came with product and a notification indicating whether you wish to have the product exchanged for a new one or whether you wish to cancel the transaction for the returned product.
If the delivered order is damaged the customer has to inform about it within the next 2 days to Ratiashop, either by e-mail to the address info@ratiashop.com or by post to the address Ratiasho,Tiina Wikholm Tmi, Ruukintie 9, 10330 Billnäs. Tiina Wikholm Tmi will pay all shipping expenses. We will send a new/replacement product free of charge to replace damaged and faulty products. If it is not possible to replace the damaged product, the customer will get the money back. Handling of product exchanges and returns takes about 2 to 3 weeks. If you wish to exchange a product for any other reason, we will refund the purchase price of the product you have returned. In this case, please remember to inform us of your bank account number!

Return the products
There are two ways to return a product to us: leaving the product in your letterbox to be picked up and returned to the sender or taking the product to the post office.
The former option concerns shipments weighing less than 2 kg (letters), which should be marked with the text “ASIAKASPALAUTUS” , 619890, RS Store Finland, Ruukintie 9, 10330 PINJAINEN.  If you require a receipt, you should take the letter to the post office.
If the returned product weighs more than 2 kg (parcel), you must take it to the post office and fill in a “Customer Return 14” address label with the post office clerk. You will receive one part of the label, which will serve as a receipt. 619890, RS Store Finland, Ruukintie 9, 10330 PINJAINEN should be marked as the recipient.