Cover for outdoor candles

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With the help of Kajo you can safely create beautiful overall impressions with the outdoor lights. The outdoor fire protection is suitable for all common outdoor fires, as long as the diameter is less than 160 mm. Kajo is readily packed in a mail as a thin sheet. 

Material and colour
Powder-coated steel sheet, material’s thickness is 0,6 mm. After the production the product has been galvanized and lacquered, which protects it from corrosion.

Height 28,9 cm
Top width 10 cm
Bottom width 18 cm 


Ristomatti Ratia, Davide Lamparelli

Additional information
The product is delivered in a flat from and  
once it has been delivered you can put it in its right from.
Kajo-outdoor fire protection brochure  >>
The Finnish National Rescue opinion of Kajo >>

The product is made in Finland. 

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