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Interior fireplace, red

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Bio-interor fireplace
In autumn it is wonderful to crawl onto the couch, close to fire. Bio-fireplace Kotipesä can easily be transferred from indoors to terraces or balconys for shelter. The fireplace also gives away lovely warmth into the surrounding and creates a cosy atmosphere.

Name of product

Ristomatti Ratia, Davide Lamparelli

Technical information
Measurements: L 33 / S 33 / K 88 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Power: approx.1,4 kW
Fuel tank: 0,4 l
Thermat value 1,7 kW

Burning time
0,4 liter tank burns for approx. 2 hours.

Colour and material
Painted metal, colour; red

Product's features

  • real fire

  • redy to use right after taking out of package

  • smokeless

  • almost odorless

  • no soot

  • does not need a funnel

  • environmentally friendly

  • designed in such way, that is does not get too hot on top or on the sides

  • on top of the fireplace there is a 6mm glass lid, which can be used to support items

  • body is isolated with fire wool

  • volume of furnace is 0,4 l

  • size of the flame is adjustable

  • the product contains a fire extinguisher

  • the product has four adjustable feet

  • stainless steel fuel tank, metal furnace

  • heat creation value is approx. 1,7 Kw (regular sized electric radiator produces heat of approx. 1 Kw)
    The heat transfers directly to close surroundings and is not stored in the fireplace.

  • fuel: Bionlov-bio fuel made for bio-interior fireplaces or other fuel made for bio-fireplaces.

Deliry only to Finland

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2 - 2 of 2 results