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Lantern, black


Archipelago-lantern is an impressive wooden lantern for outdoors and indoors, which can be found in white, dark grey and black. The lanterns are made in Finland.


Fine sawn pine

Colour and surface finishing

Size of product
25 x 25 x 54 cm (WxDxH)

Additional information
One of product’s front lids can be lifted up.

The product is made in Finland

Delivery only to Finland.

Safety instructions
The lantern should be used only on heat tolerant surface. There must not be any flammable material nearby. Never leave a burning lantern without supervision and make sure that children can not get their hands on it. Do not move the lantern when there is a burning candle inside of it. We recommend you only use tealights. Please note the tealight’s risk of flare-ups. Do not drop foreign objects on the candle, such as matches.

Pinetta Tuote Oy

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47 - 47 of 47 results