Sauna bench



Ristomatti Ratia, Davide Lamparelli
Thermoheated pine
Colour and surface finishing
Brown colour of thermoheated wood, has not been surface treated
Product's size
80 x 43 x 29 cm(WxHxD)

Additional information.
The product's surface has a beautiful carving and the product is dismountable.
Thermoheated pine and the material's features
- moisture of living wood decreases, weather and decay resistance improve
- every part of the wood becomes brown and the wood's surface hardens
- thermoheated wood is environment-friendly, because in the process of making it only heat and steam is used. The process does not require chemicals that are harmful to the environment, nor are any chemicals added to the wood

Care instructions
If needed, a thin layer of liquid paraffin can be applied on the product's surface. Surface treatment is not necessary.

Pinetta Tuote Oy
Because of its size, the product is not suitable for Smartpost delivery. 

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