Bathroom faucet


Ristomatti Ratia, Davide Lamparelli
Full brass

Product's measurements
The bathroom faucets come with a bidet shower connection.

Bathroom faucet
Height 17,3 cm
Depth 14,7 cm
Width 5 cm

Bide faucet
Hand piece
Height 20,9 cm
Depth 4,7 cm
Width 4,5 cm
Length of hose 1,5 m

EcoClick -function
EcoClick is a simple way to save water. When turning up the water flow or temperature, the handle of the Gavia faucet will click softly under the hand of the user. The reminder is discreet.



The Grana Gavia series also introduces a second innovation to the market; the patented and easy to use FastFix-attachement mechanism. It allows the faucets to be installed in less than 30 seconds without having to crawl under the sink.


FlexPex -pipes
Grana Gavia faucets have flexible FlexPex-junction pipes that are protected with a steel net. Compared to other pipe models, the FlexPipes are more durable and of higher quality, and they make the installation easier. Please remember to use a professional plumber when connecting the faucets to the water supply network.

Grana Gavia products have a five year guarantee. Keep thee receipt of the trade for possible warranty certificate.
Additional information
Products have been tested with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
Grana Finland Oy