Kalikka -lattialaatta




Easy to install and keep clean

The installation of Kalikka-tiles can be done without any building skills: the tiles are tied to each other with rubber pads without tools. The bottom is well ventilated as the water and humidity gets away from underneath the tile through the gap between the tile and the bottom construction. The tiles can also be sawed and worked by ordinary wooden tools if needed. Cleaning can be done with normal detergents.


KALIKKA, the natural combination of tree and plastic

Update your terrace or other small interio space with the water and dirt durable KALIKKA –tile. KALIKKA is a new sort of ecological floor tile, which is easy to assemble without tools in any size you need.

The size of one tile is 20 x 20 cm and they attach to each other by a clickable rubber pad. KALIKKA is comfortably warm under your feet and its micro-coarse surface is not slippery when wet. That is why KALIKKA is a safe choice in wet spaces.

KALIKKA –tile is produced from tree plastic-composite, if necessary it’s workable with ordinary tools and it can be disposed by burning.


The new ecological floor tile

Kalikka –tiles are produced from a combination of ecological wood fibers and recycled plastic, which has the touch of wood and the durability of plastic. Plastec Finland ltd. has created this PlastEco –material in cooperation with its producer Kareline ltd. The products are weatherproof, UV-protected and do not suck up the dirt. PlastEco does not wear out natural resources or increase waste; the products can be recycled and burned to energy.




The producer:
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