Kalikka tile, brown

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Kalikka balcony tiles can be installed on your balcony floor without further renovation skills. The tiles are attached to each other with the help of convenient attachement feet without any special tools. Since the tiles are made of ecological wood fibre and recycled plastic, they feel pleasant and warm under the foot.

Ristomatti Ratia, Davide Lamparelli

PlastEco - new material, material is a mixture of ecological wood fibre and recycled plastic


Size of tile
20 x 20 x 1 cm

The tiles are sold in square meter packages, which come with attachement feet. The package has 25 pcs of tiles and 36 pcs of attachement feet. Cost for one package is 49,00.

Additional information
The material is weather resistant, has UV-protection and does not absorb too much. PlastEco does not consume non-renewable natural resources nor does it make landfill waste, because the product can be recycled or burned for energy. Both the products and the raw materials are made in Finland.
The tiles are attached to each other with the help of the attachement feet and there is no need of any futher tools. You can work on the tiles with tools meant for wood.

Delivery only to Finland

Plastec Finland Oy
Made in Finland


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