Interior fireplaces for room-, terrace- and balcony areas. Ristomatti Ratia bio-Kotipesä interior fireplace is a fireplace that creates a wonderful atmosphere, and it does not need a chimney. The fireplace is easy to install and ready to use in no time. The product weighs only 20 kg. It is designed in such way, that it does not get too hot on top or on the sides. On top of the fireplace there is a glass lid, which can be used to support items. Size of the flame is adjustable and the product comes with a flame extinguisher. We deliver interior fireplaces as freight paid, as well 5 litres of high quality Bionlov-biofuel, which is free of charge.
The product is also available for purchase in the warehouse of our webshop in Billnäs, Raasepori, where we have a red fireplace on display.